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Volvo Repair and Service - Car Tender

Volvo Repair and Service

Finding a good auto shop isn’t always an easy task – until you found us! We have been serving Volvo drivers for years, and we would love the chance to work on your Volvo too. For everything from oil changes to major rebuilds, our team has the experience and knowledge to get it done right. Give us a call or stop by today, and we will get right to work for you!

Not every shop has the ability to work on all of the different Volvo models, but you can count on us to care for whichever one you drive. Our team of highly-trained technicians has worked on many Volvo models like the S60, S80, V60, XC60, XC70, XC90, C30, C70 and more!

It is important that you stick to the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer to get the most life and reliable performance from your Volvo. We make that process easy with convenient appointment setting for your schedule. Not only will we get the job done correctly for a great price, we will also provide you with top-notch customer service.

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Current Models

Volvo V40 - Car Tender
V40/S40 (1995 - current)

Get a better look in the Volvo V40. The seats provide outstanding comfort, support, and adjustability, has up to 335 liters of luggage capacity to the load cover, and the range of efficient engines combine excellent economy with low emissions. The Volvo V40 has 170 horsepower, 1.9 L 4 cylinder engine, and can go 0-60 in 8.5 seconds.

S90/V90 (1996 - current)

With the Volvo S90 expect more. The Volvo S90 has All-wheel drive(AWD), 5 seats, 316 horsepower, and has 40.4in of rear-seat legroom. This Sedan has a headsup display that allows you to watch your speed, follow turn-by-turn navigation, answer your phone calls and it even has an advanced air cleaner in our world-first air quality system that prevents up to 95% of incoming air particles to enter the cabin. The Volvo S90 even comes with driver-assist technology to help prevent you from getting into any collisions on any of your drives.

Volvo V60 - Car Tender
S60/V60 (2000 - current)

The Volvo S60 is for the road. The Volvo S60 can go 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds, has PM 2.5 air quality, 7.2-8.2 liters/100km, and 163-86 CO2km. This Sedan has an active chassis with Comfort, Eco, and Dynamic drive modes that instantly adapt to your driving style and has advanced turbocharged powertrains that give you the performance you need without compromising on fuel efficiency. The Volvo S60 even comes with driver-assist technology in order to help you prevent collisions. 

XC90 (2003 - current)

The Volvo XC90 is the SUV you trust to protect your family, now protects their future. This SUV comes with 7 seats, All-wheel drive(AWD), 5.9-8.5 liters/100km, and 154-199g CO2/km. Has open-and-tilt panoramic roof lets you instantly enjoy the air and view outdoors. Open skies at your fingertips. The Volvo XC90 also has fine nappa accented leather adds even more attention to detail for a luxuriously soft and relaxed feel for everyone and it has driver-assist technology that will help you prevent collisions.

Volvo XC60 - Car Tender
XC60 (2008 - current)

Own the road in the Volvo XC60. The dynamic Scandinavian SUV that protects what's important. The Volvo XC60 comes with all-wheel drive, has seating for 5 people, 143-183g CO2/km, and 5.4-8.0 liters/100km. The XC60 has fine nappa accented leather that adds even more attention to detail for a luxuriously soft and relaxed feel for everyone and choose your drive mode with active air suspension automatically raising or lowering your XC60 SUV in real-time. This car also comes with driver-assist technology to help you with preventing any collisions.

XC40 (2017 - current)

Unplug and play in the new Volvo XC40. This SUV comes with all-wheel-drive, has 5 seats for you and your family, 7.7-8.2 liters/100km, and 174-186g CO2/km. Bold and expressive SUV body design meets compact efficiency and it also has Bag hooks, large door bins, hidden compartments. The Volvo XC40 even has open-and-tilt panoramic roof lets you instantly enjoy the air and view outdoors. This SUV even has driver-assist technology to help you prevent you colliding with other cars, animals, and building.

Discontinued Models

240/260 (1974 - 1993)

In the 1983 model year the emblem in the back of all of the 240 models was changed to saying just 240 instead of 242, 244, and 245. That being said most people still referred to them by the old names, and the new designation strategy did not come with any large modifications to the car. Similarly, the new badging gave the 265 the name of the 260, while making no major changes to the model.

66 (1975 - 1980)

Volvo’s 66 was the first car from Volvo Car BV to carry the Volvo name. This was due to Volvo acquiring the DAF Car BV in the Netherlands and establishing itself within the small-car segment. The Volvo 66 was available in both a 2-door saloon and a 3-door estate while also featuring RWD and an automatic gearbox in the form of CVT. It had the 4-cylinder in-line engine and hydraulic or disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear.

Volvo Service and Repair - Car Tender
340/360 (1976 - 1991)

The Volvo 360 is based on the 340 range and it features a 4-cylinder 2-liter engine with a 5-speed gearbox. This model was introduced in order to give the more powerful cars that are better equipped their own profile. The range was expanded by featuring a 4-door saloon with a conventional luggage compartment. This increased the body length and created a longer rear overhang. The 340 series, being more economical, also created the 4-door saloon shape. The 360 GLt, which was the sportier model,  had the same engine as the rest except that it had a more powerful fuel-injected version. The 360 3-D comes in a 3-door hatchback, the 360 360 sedan has four doors, and the 360 5-D is a 5-door hatchback. All of the models are 5-speed manual except that the 360 3-D also comes in a four-speed manual. 

262C (1977 - 1983)

This spectacular 2-door coupe featured comfortable seats for four which was a possibility due to it having the wheelbase of the Volvo 264. Its interior was exclusive due to it having leather and wood. At first, this car was silver with a black vinyl roof, but later on other colors for the exterior were offered. This car featured a V6 engine with a 4-speed manual with electrical overdrive or 3-speed automatic transmission.

740/760 (1982 - 1992)

Volvo’s 760 model was the basis for Volvo entering into the small realm of manufacturers of prestige vehicles that had not just superior comfort, but also high-performance levels. The Volvo 760 was so successful that it was further expanded to create the 740 model which was a 4-cylinder alternative to the 760 model. It was so successful due to its great reliability and its renowned safety levels. This range had several different engines including the 4-cylinder in-line units, which were with or without turbochargers, and also 6-cylinder diesel variants.

480 (1986 - 1991)

This closed sports car with four seats and unique pop-up headlights played a crucial role since it was the first series-produced FWD Volvo car. This model was equipped with a transverse installed 4-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission, and the hydraulic or disc brakes front and drums rear or discs all around.

780 (1986 - 1991)

The stunning Volvo 780, which was elegant and timeless while still bearing Volvo’s identity, was a 2-door coupe that was designed and produced by Bertone. In its interior, the rear seat was individually shaped for two people, which was a feature unique to this model. This model was based on the 760 model, and it did have the 4-speed manual with electrical overdrive or 4-speed automatic transmission, hydraulic or disc all-round brakes, and its engine was either a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder.

Volvo Service and Repair - Car Tender
440/460 (1987 - 1997)

The Volvo 440/460 ended up taking over the compact car role within the Volvo range. The 440/460 models had the benefit of the 480’s wonderful handling and road holding, while also having the transverse engine and front-wheel drive like that of a sport model. For the two models the engine availability ranged from 1.6 to 2.0-liters, but all of them were 4-cylinder units with a single overhead camshaft. It was also a 5-door hatchback and carried the spoiler lip on its tailgate, however, in the model year 1994 the 440 underwent a cosmetic redesign and as such was more in line with the 850 henceforth.

940/960 (1990 - 1996)

Volvo’s 940/960 models were first introduced in 1990. The Volvo 960 is the luxury sibling of the Volvo 940 so to say, and they both had the breakthrough feature of a three-point inertia-reel seat belt that was fitted as standard together with an adjustable head restraint in the middle of the rear seat. This along with the other safety improvements acquired this model many awards. The Volvo 960, which had a new in-line 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3 liters represented the first stage in an entirely new generation of in-line engines. The Volvo 950 comes in a 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder version. A 4-speed manual with overdrive or 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, and had hydraulic or disc all-round brakes, meanwhile the Volvo 960 came with the 6-cylinder engine, with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, and the hydraulic or disc all-round brakes.

850 (1991 - 1997)

The Volvo 850 Sedan was one that exhibited breakthroughs and received many awards. It had four new features which included a transverse 5-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, a Delta-link rear axle that combined the dynamics and ride comfort of independent suspension with the security of a live rear axle, the SIPS integrated side-impact protection system, and the self-adjusting front seat belt mechanism. With time, the Volvo 850 was expanded upon and had several variants. In 1994 the Volvo 850 was the worlds’ first car to offer side-impact airbags. It was a 4-door sedan with a 5-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, and was FWR or AWD. However, in the model year 1997, this was replaced by the S70.

C70 (1996 - 2013)

The Volvo C70 Coupe is the definition of comfort. This car was made for comfort, safety, high performance, and great road-holding characteristics. The Volvo C70 has a top speed of 120 km/h, 5 cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual, a 4 or 5 speed automatic, and has hydraulic or disc all-round brakes.

S70/V70 (1996 - 2000)

The Volvo S70/V70, which was developed from the successful 850 models, carried a strong Volvo identity while having softer styling. Improvements were made to safety, and the car received a new dashboard and a redesigned interior. It has a 5-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission with FWD or AWD. The brakes are hydraulic or all-round disc brakes.

S80 (1998 - 2016)

The Volvo S80 used a new strategy by being offered in just a sedan form, as opposed to a sedan and estate version. This was done so the consumer who wanted to have a large and exclusive sedan that wasn’t related to the estates could choose this car. The S80 had many technical innovations and the engine of the base was at a 2.0-liter inline size that produced 272 hp. This car comes in both a 5-speed manual and a 4/5-speed automatic.

Volvo Service and Repair - Car Tender
V70/XC70 (2000 - 2016)

The Volvo V70/XC70 is the car that changed how people travel. The exterior of the car had a softer styling with the typical vertical rear end. The Volvo V70/XC70 station wagon is all-wheel drive or classic, has a 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic, 5 cylinder engine, and hydraulic or disc brakes all around.

S40/V50 ( 2004 - 2012)

The Volvo V50 is true comfort. The exterior has a clear Volvo identity and the interior gives you the feel of a crisp, clean, Scandinavian design. This car has all-wheel drive(AWD), 5 doors, 4 cylinder engine, 5 or 6-speed manual, 6 speed automatic, and has hydraulic or disc all-round brakes. 

C30 (2006 - 2013)

The Volvo C30 is the definition of driving in style. This stylish car has enough seating for 4 people, boat-shaped side windows, and the grille on it is very unique. This car is a 3 door hatchback, has a 4-cylinder engine or 6-cylinder engine, 5 or 6-speed manual, 6 speed automatic, and has hydraulic or disc all-round brakes.

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