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BMW Recall - Car Tender

Did you receive a BMW Recall Letter in the mail?

We’ve partnered with Seattle BMW to help ensure your vehicle is taken care of! Click below to schedule an appointment on Friday, October 21 when the team at Seattle BMW will be onsite here at Car Tender! Together we will be servicing your recalls quickly and efficiently!

Call to schedule an appointment using the link below, or email us your preferred time for October 21st and the best number to call you back.


If you recently received a recall letter for any of these recalls we can help you. Seattle BMW will be onsite at Car Tender on October 21st to service this recall list.


B170120 B630717 Recall F10 rear reflectors PCV Valve Heater
B610918: Repair Battery Positive Cable
B611412 Battery cable connection
B612616 Service Action: Repair Battery Positive Cable
B630119 Rear Lamps
B630611 Ground Cable for rear Light Lamps
B630611 Ground cable for rear light lamps
B640717: Blower Motor Wiring
B650119: Drivers Front Air Bag Module E84 (X1)
B650217 - Driver's Front Airbag
B650416: Driver's Front Air Bag
B650519: Drivers Front Air Bag Module - Prior Parts Replace
B650817; Front Passenger Airbag
B651115 Driver's Airbag-final Repair
B651317: Drivers Airbag Module (PSDI-Xi)
B651513 Front passenger airbag Module
B651714 Front Passenger AirBag
B652019 Drivers Front Airbag Module
B652216 Drivers Airbag module
B630717: F10 Both Rear Reflectors (must order in advance)
B630613 Recall Replace Rear Bulb Carriers (Side Panel)