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Pre-Purchase Inspection For
Pre-Owned Vehicles

A pre-purchase foreign auto inspection can reveal vital information about a used foreign auto. Some of the problems or issues that have been discovered in many used foreign autos are:

  • Frame Damage: Frame damage is a result of a serious accident. In cases where the car is properly repaired, it will still run in good condition. However, if it has not been properly repaired, the wheels may not rack correctly, pulling the foreign auto to one side and ultimately causing tire damage
  • Poor Repair work: This is quite a common issue with many used foreign autos. It is a result of shoddy or sloppy repairs being carried out by an unqualified mechanic.
  • Flood-damaged vehicle: If the foreign auto has ever been immersed in water at any point and time, this inspection will reveal the water damage.

Our professional vehicle inspectors will be able to do a thorough inspection of all types of foreign vehicles. Ultimately, no foreign auto inspection is guaranteed to find every single flaw with the foreign auto, however, it is vital in finding those serious issues that could possibly cost you thousands of dollars in the future, if it's not detected immediately.

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