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Shoreline Oil Change Services - Car Tender

Oil Change & Tune-Ups

Quick, what is the second most expensive item you have bought? For most people, it is your car. And whether it still has that new car smell or is over a hundred thousand miles, there is one thing more important than any other to get the most value out of your vehicle: regular oil changes. And by regular oil changes what we mean is every 3-6 months or five thousand miles, like clockwork if you want your car to keep ticking along. More frequently if you have an older vehicle. And that is one way we at Car Tender help extend the life of your car and save you money.

Better Cars, Better Oil

Today’s cars are more precisely designed and built than those thirty years ago, and the move to synthetic oils has improved how well the engine is lubricated. These two things mean the old "change your oil every three thousand miles" rule of thumb is as outdated as tail fins. Although we at Car Tender would love to see you that often, your car (unless it is old enough to have a tape deck) probably doesn’t need it, something the "other guys" won’t tell you because they like your money more than they like cars. we like cars.

When You Need An Oil Change

This difference in miles to oil change doesn’t sound like a big deal, but what would you do with the hundred bucks a year we just saved you? Probably something more fun than hanging out in a garage, unless you are like us because we love garages and cars enough to tell you how to not spend all your time here.

But when you do come in for that 5k oil change, we will take the time to inspect the car at no cost to you. Because we can then tell you "hey, you need to do... insert here. Not now, but in the next few months" so you can fit it into your crazy schedule and budget for it. Instead of springing on you "you gotta do this NOW or else!" like some fast change oil places we won’t mention will do.

We Are Here to Help

We want you to be able to look at your oil change like a regular dentist’s appointment: at least twice a year you get checked and told what you need to plan on doing BEFORE it starts hurting and costs a lot more. Not getting drilled is a better option, and we at Car Tender will do our best to not drill you by pointing out stuff before it becomes painful, but we can only do that if you come by regularly. Like every 5k. So come over to Car Tender for that oil change, and let us check over your second biggest purchase to make sure everything is ok. Or else the cost could be a lot more than what you budgeted for.