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Shoreline Brake Repair and Service - Car Tender

Shoreline Brake Repair and Service

Ensuring your brakes are performing their best helps improve both the safety and lifespan of your ride. As you drive your vehicle, you get used to the way the brakes feel, however one day they won’t feel like they use to. For inspection or service, we at Car Tender are factory trained to make sure your brakes work like the day you drove off the lot.

Faulty or worn brakes can lead to trouble on the road. A car's brake system needs to run smoothly from the brake pedal to the brake pads and everywhere in between. You may need a brake repair service if you notice that your brake pedal seems soft when you brake or you hear a grating or squealing noise.

If it takes more effort for the brakes to catch or the pedal approaches the floor, your car may be low on brake fluid or you might have a leak in the system.

If your brakes grind or squeal when you try to stop, you may need new brake pads or even new rotors. Worn pads can cause also cause the car to veer to one side or another as you brake.

If your dashboard brake warning light comes on without any obvious braking issues, take your vehicle in to get checked. There may be a problem within the braking system that hasn't physically manifested yet. A simple brake repair now is better than an expensive vehicle replacement later.

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