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For decades, the name DINAN has been synonymous with High Performance BMW.

DINAN, America's BMW Tuner, is driving technology. DINAN has been providing the enthusiast with high performace BMW products for over 22 years. Simply stated, DINAN develops and manufactures products that make BMWs even more fun to drive. DINAN-enhanced BMWs are powerful, responsive and offer incredible handling. Road tests conducted by major automotive publications put them on a performace level with the most exotic sports cars in the world. However important acceleration and handling are, so too is maintaining the civility and reliability enthusiasts have come to expect from BMW automobiles. DINAN products are designed to perform as predictably and reliably at full throttle as they do around town. The combination of excellent BMW automotive engineering and superior quality of DINAN performance products allow DINAN to match BMWs warranty. DINAN's warranty matches BMW's, so you are covered mile to mile and bumper to bumper. Who says you have to give up everyday driveability, reliability or warranty coverage in order to drive a truly High Performance BMW?

DINAN offers a wide range of BMW performance products, from "bolt-on" engine, driveline and suspension tuning components, to complete DINAN signature and factory works vehicles. So regardless of your performance requirements or budget. DINAN offers the means to make your BMW driving experience even more exciting. Guaranteed.

As an Official DINAN Authorized Installation and Service Center, Car Tender exists as a preeminent facility for you the enthusiastic BMW Driver - to optimize the basic sporting concepts of your BMW to an even higher level.

Please contact us so we can discuss your particular performance enhancement needs. We look forward to assisting you with your dream project!